Influencers are key to successful social marketing

People like products and brands best when they hear from them of the people they like best. We know how hard it is for a brand or product to grow their audience and get their message heard and discovered. Our platform provides a simple solution to get your brand out there to an already existing audience that engages regularly with social media.


Join Connect Influencer and we'll partner you with brands that need the power of your social following. Do what you do best: Create organic content for our brand partners and spread their message to your friends and followers. Get paid for your influence: Your influence is an asset, and we will make sure you get what you deserve.

Influencer marketing strategy

We work together in collaborations with our partners to define the most successful influencer marketing strategy for you. Based on your brand goals and objectives, and in close cooperation with your marketing team, we shape the optimal strategy. We execute the strategy from A-Z: from the creative concept to measuring and reporting the results.

Brand ambassadors

We match your brand to the right influencers and let them become true ambassadors. Through continuous brand activations, we guide these ambassadors to communicate your brand’s message and let them create awareness for your products in an authentic and honest way.

Content creation

We empower influencers to create beautiful and inspiring content for your brand. You can also leverage this content for your brand’s own online and offline channels. We have broad experience creating high quality content including: branded fashion looks and photography and video coverage of events.


Connect Influencer community that connects brands with highly engaged online influencers such as bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, celebrities and social media influencers by empowering individuals to create, share and engage. We help brands to get social content created with the volume it needs and the voice your consumers love.


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